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How to cancel field validation?
~Holly Minfreemarflar 01/23/2004 10:18 AM
Notes Client All Releases Windows XP

I have a form that I use for change request submission that contains many fields all with validation formulas. It has two buttons - Submit and Cancel. The Submit button first does a uidoc.refresh to run the field validation formulas before presenting a final confirmation dialog. The Cancel button just closes the window.

I don't want to use @IsDocBeingSaved in my field validation formulas as this will prevent me doing a check before the final confirmation dialog. However, if I Cancel the form and reply "No" to the save option at least one field validation formula runs (and produces an error if appropriate) before the document actually closes.

I have no code in any of the events related to save or close.

Is this a bug? If not how do I avoid the validation formulas being run when cancelling?

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